Flying carpet TM

Dried cannabis

Species : Hybrid

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The details of the confection of the flying carpet remains unclear to this day. Although the origins are often incorrectly attributed to California, it is much more likely that the initial traces of this vestige comes from both the Netherlands and Spain. You will discover different borders of colors, flavors and smells (odors). You will certainly distinguish lemony, sweet, woody and peppery notes during your trip. During the first minutes of your journey, you will be grounded while learning how to manipulate the Flying Carpet. Then, this unconventional means of transport will take off and and you will float comfortably above the clouds. The adventure will be soothing/relaxing and will not provoke intense reflections. You will forget to pack in your suitcase your depression, stress, anxiety and other health problems like arthritis. The palpable ambience of the environment will be happiness, exhilaration and euphoria created by the wonder of this out-of-the-ordinary trip. Be aware of intense weather conditions that could dry your mouth and make your eyes blush.


Hybrid (Indica +)


🍋🍋 Citrus

☕️☕️ Coffee notes