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The privacy policy of Fly High Inc. was elaborated to insure the protection of the personal information. This policy is destined for all the users of the web site, including, without limiting to generality of these terms, the members, the visitors, the employees and the suppliers. This policy was established to manage efficiently and safely the collection, the use, the conservation, the exactitude and the protection of the personal information. The Fly High Inc. team encourages all the users, clients, employees and whoever to read our privacy policy.

Definition ‘’personal information’’

In this policy, the term ‘’personal information’’ refers to all the information about an individual that needs to be identified. This definition includes, among others, information about the medical condition.

Before we proceed with any gathering of personal data, we establish the purposes of use. The personal information gathered is exclusively tied to the activities and services of the business. Here is a non-!@$%#@ list of the different types of personal information about the individuals with whom we interact that we can collect.

  • Personal information allowing the contact or the identification

    • Including your name, address, telephone number, email address, sex, date of birth

  • Additional information about the products or services we provide or obtain from you

  • Personal information about your requests

  • Information about our business relationships, including the agreements, the preferences, advisors or suppliers, as well as any comments or information you request from us or that we send to you.  

It is also possible to collect market-related information about market trends and activities affecting our business, which could include personal information. We may also collect information from our public relations activities.

The personal information can be directly collected through the web site or through a third party. In the latter case, a permission from you will be requested.

Data processing method

The manager of the personal data will process the information of the users in an adequate way. The manager will take all necessary measures of security in order to prevent any non-authorized access, modification, divulgation or destruction of the personal information.

Data processing is done using computers and computer tools in strictly reserved procedures for the purposes indicated. Data is available to the Data Manager, as well as, in some cases, to individuals with supervisory functions, to individuals with internal operational functions (such as administration, sales, marketing) or to external interveners (such as contractors, consultants, affiliates and other parties who need this information to help us manage our relationship with you, including third parties who provide us with services or do so on our behalf).

Data processing locations

Personal information data is processed in the data manager’s office space and in any other location where authorized data processors may be located.

User rights

Users have the right to know if their personal data has been stored, and may at any time contact the data controller to verify is origin and accuracy. Users can at any time:

  • Request that they be made anonymous

  • Require the blocking of any data that would be stored in violation of the law

  • Oppose their treatment for any legitimate reason.

Use of collected data

Before the collection, use, retention, disclosure of any personal information, it is necessary to obtain your consent. In certain circumstances, we reserve the right t collect, use, store and disclose personal information for the purposes of law, regulation and legal liability such as:

  • An audit by the minister of Health;

  • Applicable law or regulatory requirements;

  • Comply with valid judicial procedures (such as search warrants, citations or court orders);

  • To protect the safety of a person or a group of people;

  • Ordinary reporting activities of Fly High Inc;

  • Protect the rights and property of Fly High Inc;

  • Emergency situations

 User data is collected so that the company can provide its services, contact the user and analyze the data.

Fly High Inc. collects personal information to help manage, maintain and develop its operations. In others:

  • To enable the creation of a member account on our website

  • To establish, maintain and manage relationships with customers to provide the requested products and services;

  • To enable continuous improvement of our products and services;

  • To enable us to comply with applicable law or regulatory processes;

  • For any other reasonable purpose to which you consent

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