Weather Balloon TM


Dried cannabis

Species : Indica

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The wind blows, the atmospheric pressure is felt and the temperature wobbles. The effects of these climate changes are palpable throughout your body. The balloon probe, better known as the weather balloon, is the solution for you. Although this aerostat is uninhabited and not commonly used for human transportation, it is the ideal tool for predicting your conditions for the next few moments. This balloon can accurately measure wind speed, temperature, pressure and humidity both on the ground and at altitudes. This aircraft reaches high altitudes compared to the flying carpet and the airship. But beware, some weather balloons can burst at too high altitudes. If this happens, the safety parachute should deploy and allow a smooth descent. It is also important to know that weather balloons releases should not be carried out by isolated, unauthorized people who are prohibited from issuing objects in space.    




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